Feminist Scholars


Sami Schalk, Associate Professor, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies

Sandra Adell, Professor & Undergraduate Advisor, Department of African American Studies


Finn Enke, Professor, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies; Department of History


Chris Garlough, Professor, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies; Department of Comparative Literature and Folklore (affiliated); Interdisciplinary Theater Studies (affiliated); Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures (affiliated)

Emily Callaci, Associate Professor, Department of History; Department of Gender and Women’s Studies (affiliated)


Erika Marín-Spiotta, Associate Professor, Department of Geography

Judith Houck, Associate Professor, Departments of Gender and Women’s Studies, Medical History and Bioethics, and History


Christy Clark-Pujara, Associate Professor, Departments of Afro-American Studies and History

Pernille Ipsen, Associate Professor, Departments of Gender & Women’s Studies and History


Aili Tripp, Professor of Political Science and Gender & Women’s Studies


Ellen Samuels, Professor of English and Gender and Women’s Studies
Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies
Director, UW Disability Studies Initiative

Helen Kinsella, Associate Professor of Political Science


Tonya L. Brito, Jefferson Burrus-Bascom Professor; Director, Institute for Legal Studies; University of Wisconsin Law School; Faculty Affiliate, Institute for Research on Poverty

Myra Marx Ferree, Alice H. Cook Professor of Sociology, Director, European Union Center of Excellence


Claire Wendland, Associate Professor, Anthropology, Giving Birth to Death: African Mothers’ Bodies and Expert Imaginations


Anne McClintock, Simone de Beauvoir Professor of English and Gender and Women’s Studies, “The Gendering of Torture”

Christina Ewig, Associate Professor, Gender & Women’s Studies and Political Science, “Gender, Indigeneity and Democratic Incorporation in Latin America”


Christina Greene, Afro-American Studies, ““She Ain’t No Rosa Parks!” Sexual Violence, Feminism and Black Power Politics: The 1970s Free Joan Little Movement”

Kathryn M. Sanchez, Spanish and Portuguese, “From Radio to Casino: Women Performers in Early Modern Brazil, 1922-1946”


Finn Enke, Associate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies
“Gender Changes: Transfeminist Activism from the 1960s to the New Millennium”

Maria Lepowsky, Professor of Anthropology and Gender and Women’s Studies
“Toypurina and the Hidden Histories of California”


Ethelene Whitmire, Associate Professor of Library & Information Studies
“Harlem Renaissance Librarian: A Biography of Regina Anderson Andrews”

Susan David Bernstein, Professor of English
“Roomscape: Women Writers in the British Museum from George Elliot to Virginia Woolf”


Mary Lou Roberts, Professor of History
“Liberators and Intruders: The American Military Presence in France, 1944-1946”

Cherene Sherrard-Johnson, Associate Professor of English
“Dorothy West: The Living is Easy”


Jane Collins, Evjue-Bascom Professor of Women’s Studies and Rural Sociology
“Only Work Should Pay”-Contradictions of Citizenship for Women Leaving Welfare”

Aili Tripp, Associate Dean of International Studies and Professor of Political Science and Women’s Studies
“Women and Peacemaking in Africa: When, Why and How Gender Matters”


Katherine Bowie, Professor of Anthropology
“The Cursed Woman: Customary Rights vs. Equal Rights in the Buddhism of Contemporary Thailand”

Rima Apple, Professor School of Human Ecology
“Save the County Nurse ” Women’s Struggle for Public Health


Susan Lee Johnson, Associate Professor of History
“A Traffic in Men: The Old Maid, the Housewife, and their Great Westerner”

Kirin Narayan, Professor of Anthropology
“Divine Troubles: Singing Women’s Worlds in Kangra”


Judith W. Leavitt, Ruth Bleier WARF Professor of Medical History and Women’s Studies
“Make Room for Daddy, Men and Mid-20th Century Childbirth”

Janet S. Hyde, Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies
“The Emergence of Gender Differences in Depression in Adolescence”


Nan Enstad, Associate Professor of History
“Smoke and Mirrors: Gender, Race and Tobacco Culture in the Early Twentieth Century”

Myra Marx Ferree, Professor of Sociology
“The Struggle for Sisterhood: Contemporary German Feminism”


Jeane Boydston, Professor of History
“Remember the Ladies: Women and the Making of American Democratic Culture 1776-1850”

Jane Schulenburg, Professor of Liberal Studies and the Arts
“The Ordering and Negotiation of Women’s Space in Medieval Society: From Womb to Tomb‚- ca. 500-1300”


Virginia Sapiro, Sophonisba P. Breckinridge Professor of Political Science & Women’s Studies
“A History of Political Action in America”

Halina Filipowicz, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures
“What Poles Want: Staging Gender, Class, and Race in Polish Cultural Mythology”


Susan Friedman, Virginia Woolf Professor of English & Women’s Studies
“Transnational Modernism: Spatial Poetics, Politics, and the New Modernist Studies”

Stanlie James, Associate Professor of Afro-American Studies & Women’s Studies
“‘Worthy of Liberation’: Black Feminisms and International Human Rights”