Mary Washburn Willets Award for Excellence in the Social Sciences

This award recognizes an outstanding Ph.D. student in the social sciences working in the area of gender and women’s studies. It is named in honor of Mary Washburn Willets (1629-1713), who was a prominent Quaker Minister in Long Island. She gave public testimony, held meetings in her house and remained faithful to her beliefs despite public and private persecution.

Nominations: Faculty may nominate University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate students who meet the criteria listed below by writing a brief letter of nomination, enclosing a CV and copy of the student’s relevant written work (e.g. class papers, research or dissertation proposals). The Center for Research on Gender and Women administers the program on behalf of the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies. Nominations should be emailed to the CRGW Administrator, Lyddia Ruch-Doll,

Nominations Due: November 15, 2021

1) Ph.D. students who have been admitted to candidacy in the social sciences. Preference will be given to those who have completed a minor or a graduate certificate in Gender and Women’s Studies.
2) Dissertation topic to be relevant to gender and women’s studies in some area of the social sciences.

Selection: Selection to be made on the basis of excellence in academic work as evident in classwork, papers, etc. This is not intended as a teaching award.

Award: Maximum award of $400 should be use for some aspect of the Ph.D. research, unless you have student loans. Winners notified by January 31, 2022.

Application: Please submit application material via Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) when contacted by the Center for Research on Gender and Women or faculty member that you have been nominated. There is no need to submit letters of recommendation, only the names and contact information for two professors who can serve as references.

Contact: Please contact the Administrator of the Center for Research on Gender and Women (CRGW), Lyddia Ruch-Doll,, or the Director Dr. Janet Hyde,, with any questions.


2021-Lauren Parnell Marino
2020-Tarsha Herelle
2019-Melody Waring
2018-Di Wang
2015-Gina Marie Longo
2014-Annabel Ipsen
2012-Taylor Price
2011-Jessica Mason
2010-Maria del Pilar Casal
2009-Wendy Christensen