Books by Department of Gender and Women’s Studies Faculty and Affiliates


The Center for Research on Gender and Women has engaged in numerous research projects with faculty across campus and beyond:


Women and Peacebuilding in Africa

Women and One Health: Empowerment of Women in Rural Agriculture, 2015-16
with support from the Global Health Institute
Sophia Friedson-Ridenour and Janet Hyde

Sawyer Seminar: Globalization and the New Politics of Women’s Rights, 2011-12
With support from the Mellon Foundation
Coordinated by Professors Aili Tripp (Fall 2011) and Myra Marx Ferree (Spring 2012)

Gendered Perspectives on Human Security
With support from UW-Madison Division of International Studies, International Institute

International Gender Policy Research Circle, 2011-
With support from UW-Madison Division of International Studies, International Institute
Myra Marx Ferree, Christina Ewig, Aili Tripp

Accessing the Intersections: Disabilities, Gender, and Race
Disability Studies Cluster

Transnational Applied Research in Gender Equity Training (TARGET), 2007-10
European Union, Atlantis Program of the US Department of Education, Alexander von Humboldt TransCoop collaborative research award

Women’s International Policy & Gender Activism, 2007-10
UW-Madison Division of International Studies, International Institute
Aili Tripp, Myra Marx Ferree, Christina Ewig

Changing Gender and Leadership in Public Organizations, 2006-07
Evjue Foundation
Georgia Duerst-Lahti, Dennis Dresang

Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton’s initiative “Wisconsin Women= Prosperity”, 2005-06
Dennis Dresang and Aili Tripp

Task Force on Women and Depression in Wisconsin, 2005-06
Janet Shibley Hyde and Joy K. Rice

Transnational Feminism and Women’s Movements, 2004-07
International Institute, Havens Center
Aili Tripp and Myra Marx Ferree

Gender and Citizenship, 2000-04
International Institute
Aili Tripp

Women, Islam and Transnational Feminism, 2004

Danger in the Field: Gender, Power and Ethics, 2004

National Feminisms, Transnational Arenas, Universal Human Rights, 2003
Havens Center
Aili Tripp and Myra Marx Ferree

Gender Politics in the European Union, 2003

Compensation for Carework? Comparative Perspectives from Europe and the U.S., 2002

Gendered Dimensions of Legacies of Authoritarianism, 2001

International Gender Studies (Identity, Human Rights, Methodology), 1996-99
International Institute
Aili Tripp

Internationalizing Women’s Studies and Integrating Gender into Area Studies, 1995-97
Ford Foundation
Dale Bauer

Women’s Movements and Political Reform in Africa, 1994

Women of Color in the Curriculum Project, 1989-91
Ford Foundation
Janet Hyde

Women and Development: Summer Institutes, 1981-85
Ford Foundation
Elaine Marks

Maternity Leave and Health: Psychosocial Factors, 1979-82
National Institutes of Mental Health
Janet Hyde

Documenting the Origins of the Twentieth Century Women’s Movement

From Welfarism to Activism: A Comparative Study of Women’s Organization in Bombay and Bangkok
American Institute of Indian Studies