Dr. Janet S. Hyde

Janet Hyde

Professor of Psychology and Gender & Women’s Studies; Chair, Department of Gender & Women’s Studies


The primary focus of Dr. Janet Hyde’s research has been the psychology of women and gender.  The author of the Gender Similarities Hypothesis (2005), she has conducted numerous meta-analyses on psychological gender differences and similarities in domains such as math performance, depression, and sexuality. In the area of sexual violence, she has conducted research on peer sexual harassment victimization in adolescence, using longitudinal data. Most recently, she led an interdisciplinary team in the writing of an article assembling the evidence that challenges the gender binary. Hyde is also the author of an undergraduate textbook, Understanding Human Sexuality (14 ed., McGraw-Hill, 2020), which contains an entire chapter on sexual coercion.

Current Projects

Supporting the Creation of the Sexual Violence Research Initiative is the most important current project.

Integrating Race, Gender, and Intersectionality into Graduate Student Training in the Sciences is a proposed curriculum project, seeking funding from NSF.

Representative Publications: Articles

Hyde, J. S., Bigler, R., Joel, D., Tate, C. C., & van Anders, S. (2019). The future of sex and gender in psychology: Five challenges to the gender binary. American Psychologist, 74, 171-193.

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Representative Publications: Books

Else-Quest, N. M. & Hyde, J. S. (2018). The psychology of women and gender: Half the human experience +.  9 ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

Hyde, J. S., & DeLamater, J. D.  (2020). Understanding human sexuality. 14 ed.  New York: McGraw-Hill.