Graduate Student Affiliates


Naman Gupta (He/Him), Computer Science,


Naman is a Computer Science PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison collaborating with the MadS&P Security & Privacy and Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI). He is advised by Prof. Rahul Chatterjee in ChatRG lab and closely collaborate with Prof. Kate Walsh in Preventing Interpersonal Violence and Overcoming Trauma (PIVOT) lab. His primary research interests lie at the intersection of computer security, privacy, sociology and psychology from a feminist and trauma-informed perspective. Specifically, he works on critiquing and designing safe and usable technological interventions for the at-risk populations like the survivors of Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence. Further, he volunteers for the Madison Tech Clinic. He cares about reclaiming agency, privacy and anonymity from the hands of corporate overlords.

Caroline Cruys

Caroline Cruys, MSW

Caroline Cruys is a PhD student in the Social Welfare program through the School of Social Work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  They completed their bachelor’s in sociology and master’s of social work degrees at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Before continuing their education, Caroline worked as a clinical mental health social worker and therapist, primarily providing individual and group therapy to adolescents and adults who identify as queer and/or transgender and those with current criminal legal system involvement.  Their research focuses primarily on understanding and improving the subjective and material conditions of queer and transgender youth and adults, with intersecting interests in sexual violence response and prevention, state violence prevention, sexual health education, and sexual and gender identity formation.  Caroline has additionally worked as a sexual assault advocate, primarily providing support to folks during forensic sexual assault examinations and working to improve this process for queer and trans survivors.

Stephanie Ward

Stephanie Ward (She/Her), Psychology,


Stephanie is a clinical psychology doctoral student. She studies the intersection of sexual violence, substance use, and psychopathology, with a particular interest in the perpetration of substance-facilitated sexual aggression.

Padideh Hassanpour (She/Her), Psychology,


Padideh is a clinical psychology doctoral student. Her interests center on understanding the psychological effects of sexual violence (e.g., shame) and their role in the development of and treatment for post-trauma psychopathology. She is interested in developing and strengthening trauma-informed interventions for survivors with diverse identities.

Linnea Hjelm

Linnea Hjelm (She/Her), Civil Society and Community Research,


Linnea explores youth leadership in local community-based sexual violence prevention efforts. She continues a partnership with the RCC Sexual Violence Resource Center to implement participatory and youth-engaged program evaluation of a co-created primary prevention curriculum in high schools and colleges/universities in Dane County.

Laura Zimmerman

Laura Zimmerman (She/Her), Social Work,


Laura is a doctoral student in the Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work. She studies mental health and mental illness, gender-based violence, intersectionality and critical theories.