Nona Gronert Receives Hyde Award: Spring 2021

Nona Gronert headshotNona Gronert has received the Hyde Dissertation Research Award for Graduate Students for her project, “The Promise and Peril of Title IX Addressing Sexual Violence: A University Case Study, 1972-2017.”

Nona Gronert’s research focuses on sexual violence and sexual consent in higher education. She investigates how Title IX has impacted universities and how they address sexual violence on campus. In her dissertation, she uses newspaper and archival data supplemented by interviews to investigate the changes in activist demands, university policy, and law to address sexual violence on one university’s campus from 1972 through 2017. Gronert’s other current research investigates sexual violence and study abroad programs. Her work has also been supported by the Institute for Legal Studies’ Law and Society Fellows program, Institute for Regional and International Studies, and Center for German and European Studies. To find out more about Gronert’s work, visit her website.